Roker URC and Stockton Road URC Sunderland,along with St Margaret’s URC South Shields is part of the Bede Joint Pastorate of the United Reformed Church

The Sunderland  Partnership is part of the United Reformed Church which was formed in 1972 by the coming together of Presbyterians and Congregationalists in England and Wales, being joined in 1981 by the Churches of Christ.   The present partnership has had formal links as a Group of Churches for a number of years but developed its present form in the year 2000 with the addition of St George’s URC, to what was  known as the Sunderland and Boldon Partnership.   Since then, there has been some transition in that the city centre churches (West Park, St George’s and St Bede’s) have joined to become one congregation (now Stockton Road URC), and Boldon URC has since closed     The partnership is served by one full time Minister and a Church Related Community Worker (CRCW).