Pilots are held at Roker URC on a Thursday night 5 – 6.15 pm for girls and boys aged 4 – 11 . We do various activities including craft and games. 

At Pilots we had an Easter Egg Hunt and made Easter Cards and a nest with Chick and Rabbit and they all got an easter egg

For World Book Day 2023  we made BookMarks for our books with something from their favourite Books on them

26th of May 2022  we made crown and colored in flags and crowns for the Royal Jubilee next week 

We hung yellow & Blue Ribbons on the church railings for Ukraine and read the prayer for peace that the moderator had written and had been put on railings when the ribbons were 1st put up 


Pilots February 2022

Pilots October 2021 

                                                    Easter Egg hunt in the Garden 2019

The Pilots at Roker URC meet on a Thursday afternoon from 5pm to 6.15pm

pilots logo

Pilots is a Christian organisation for all children and young people.

It is part of the United Reformed Church and sponsored by the Congregational Federation.

Pilots companies exist in a variety of denominations and can be opened in any denomination or in situations of ecumenical co-operation.


Pilots has been in existence since 1936.

There have been many changes over the years which have kept the organisation relevant to those involved, but its core belief in the value of each Pilot and the respect for individual nurture and growth has remained fundamental to the development of the organisation throughout its history.


Pilots Mission Statement…


Pilots believes that children and young people matter.

Therefore, Pilots gives local churches the chance to share the love of God in the ongoing life of Jesus Christ by inviting children and young people on an exciting journey.